Read what people say about ATLAS!

The performance of Atlas made our wedding. That is all any of our guests could talk about. From the first note they played, they amazed every one. Every one from my 75- year old uncle ("It was impossible to stay in your seat!") to the teenagers who were dancing all night. Even our New York friends were beyond impressed.

Atlas was also extremely professional and accommodating. And during their performance you could tell they love what they do- it shone through on every song. Their enthusiasm combined with their pure talent and camaraderie was the perfect mix. They are hard to beat, and I feel lucky to have found them.

Leah Cannan
TIME Magazine

1271 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY
p: 212.522.0543 | f: 212.522.0023
(Buffalo, NY Wedding)

Dear John,

Thank you for making our wedding so awesome....Atlas was absolutely phenomenal! Your sound, style and energy were "electric" and you really brought our celebration to life. Our guests, mostly from big cities like New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Montreal and Toronto, had the BEST time dancing and have not stopped raving about how fantastic you were. You beyond exceeded our expectations. We can't thank you enough for helping to make our wedding day so fantastic and memorable.

Thank you.

Susan Sagan
PEOPLE Magazine
1271 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
(Rochester, NY Wedding)

Hey John -

What a PARTY!!!! You guys were everything and MORE that I expected. Thank you for keeping the party going. All I wanted - was there to be a constant flow. I didn't want any dead air or space for people to get board. I wanted you to come out swinging. That you did. HELL YEA. I had a blast and so did everyone I spoke to (and I don't think they were just saying that!!)

Oh and on top of all of it, you guys can jam. Your voices and harmonies were stunning and your musicianship was tight. There were a LOT of musicians and artists in our group and you impressed them all. Thanks for everything over and over again.

Much Love and peace.
Nicole and Jim

PS - I heard the cocktail music when we were talking pictures. Bravo. Right on. I only wish I was up there to enjoy it :)

Nicole Flammia (George)
Executive Producer/Director's Rep
209 10th Ave S., Suite 425
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 244.2060
Jim Flammia
VP Media & Artist Relations
Lost Highway Records
54 Music Square East, Ste: 300
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 524-7507 Ph

Dear John and the Atlas Band:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping to make our wedding out of this world.  People cannot stop talking about how great you guys were ... we needed a bigger dance floor.  Everyone, from our parents to our nieces and nephews, loved the music.  We were so lucky to have great weather, energy, and people at our wedding, but the Atlas Band stole the show.  We absolutely loved it when the horns came onto the dance floor and jammed with the crowd and when the bride got to sing "Brown Eyed Girl" up on stage!  Also, the acoustic guitar versions of "Blackbird" and "In My Life" during the ceremony were just perfect. You helped make our wedding that much more memorable. We couldn't be happier.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts ... you all are not only great musicians but also incredibly fun people to have around ...


Kristen and Jonny Taylor
(Bride and Groom, Thousand Islands, New York)

Hi John,

Hannah and I wanted to take an opportunity to sincerely thank you and the band for your unbelievable performance at our wedding. Without question, the most compliments about the evening have been about the band. You guys made our night so extraordinarily special, and we cannot put into words how tremendous your contribution was. The band's rendition of "I Will" was everything we could have asked for, and your sets throughout the night  provided the perfect combination of supercharged excitement and sweet romance.

Thank you again for your incredible effort. It will not be forgotten.

All our best for you and the band this new year.

Mike and Hannah. Willard Straight Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Dear Atlas,

We cannot thank you enough for the amazing performance you gave at our wedding reception on July 19, 2008 at the Sheraton Syracuse University. More than a week later and still all anyone can talk about is how the band MADE the evening. Your professionalism and musicianship were astounding.

We’d especially like to thank John for all his help in planning the event and leading the group, George for also leading the group and being so nice to talk to, and Ronny and Jerry for their kind words after the show and for being so much fun. Eric, Andre, Steve, Peter and Julianne, thank you for all you did to make the performance as spectacular as it was.

You are all an amazing group of people and we will never forget what and incredible night is was thanks to you.


Pat and Renee Hughes (July 19, 2008 - Sheraton, Syracuse University.)


You guys blew everybody's mind.  When I say everybody, I mean every person I've talked to since the wedding has said the same thing "The band was awesome."  It's true, I couldn't say it better.

The funktastic time started when little Emma was out on the floor dancing while most were seated for dinner.  Then my bride saw her and we both went and danced.  Soon the floor was packed, the tunes were pumping, and we danced hard before dinner was even served.  Finally I think you guys were proded to slow it down a bit so people would sit down and eat their dinners.  I wolfed down my dinner just so we get back to dancing.  And boy did we dance.  I don't remember a time when the floor was empty. It was such a great time, and the band was tight, tight, tight.

One of the best times of my life, and Atlas layed down the soundtrack.


Brent Buckman and Nicole Calcagni-Buckman (Oak Hill C.C. - Rochester, NY)

I looked across the dance floor during the last hour of our wedding reception and almost started crying.  There was my dad, competitive ballroom dancer and shyest man alive at parties, shaking his hips to “Play That Funky Music.”  My mom, who is always on the fringes of any dance floor, was twirling to the music with my bridesmaid’s boyfriend, and my cousin, who usually skips weddings completely, was dancing with everyone!

It’s been a month since our wedding, and the compliments are still rolling in.  Everyone is saying it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to, and the most fun reception and the best band they’ve ever heard at a wedding. Honestly, I think we owe at least half of our accolades to Atlas, who got everyone on the dance floor and kept them there all night.  They were so professional and made everything so fun for us, we really felt like we were throwing the party of the decade.  We’ve even heard the other vendors complimenting the band, so we knew we really brought together the A-Team!

Atlas also allowed my husband’s father and brother to stand in on trombone and it meant the world to us to have that personal touch! 

Thank you John, George, Jerry and Atlas for making our wedding the best day of our lives.

Marti & Steve Post
Columbus, OH
(Wedding in Hammondsport, NY)

John and all the members of Atlas,
All I can say is WOW!  You guys were absolutely phenomenal,  EVERYONE had so much fun.  I can't begin to tell you how thankful my family is to have shared our special day with you guys.  It was truly the best party that I have ever been to, and the best part is that it was my own wedding!
Sorry it took me so long to respond, Erin and I just got home from our honeymoon!
Thank You again so much for everything that you all did to make it such an unforgetable evening.  Please let the rest of the band know how grateful we are for the unbelievable performance!
P.S.  The pictures on the website are GREAT!
Shane and Erin Simser (October 25, 2008 - Watertown, NY)

I would like to take a second to thank all of you!! You guys are unbelievable! Every second of that wedding was a riot! I have been to weddings & shows in sackets before, but now im officially a groupie : )

My family was very nervous and stressed for weeks prior to this wedding, but you guys made it amazing! I hope you all had fun, people are still talking about it!

Thanks again for making my brother's special day exceptionally special! That is the most fun I have ever had.

PS-Thanks for letting me rock the tambourine! my hand still hurts haha

Sincerely- Tyler Simser, Best Man (October 25, 2008 - Watertown, NY)

Dear John & George,

The Atlas Band was beyond description Saturday night at my daughter's wedding reception! The Golden Ballroom at the Statler Hotel hasn't been filled with sound like that since the big bands made it a regular tour stop!
We wanted to make sure that there was joy and celebration at Carolyn and Paul's party and you delivered.  Did you ever. From the first song to the last you had everyone up and on the floor. There were so many classics that you delivered faultlessly! The 7 song tribute to Motown was our table's favorite, but it could have been any number of other songs.

Our thanks to you and the Band. We are so fortunate to have had you available for this special time in our girl's life. She'll remember this her whole life.

Brian Cory (Father of the Bride)
Buffalo, NY

Dear John and Atlas band members,

You all did a fabulous job on Sunday at the wedding at Aurora Inn.  Everyone remarked about the music -- and just thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful talents.

Please add us to your every growing list of fans, and don't hesitate to use us as a reference.  There were guests who almost never dance -- and they could not resist your sounds - and were out there boogie-ing!

Many thanks for helping to make the wedding so special,

Robin & Edward Dubovi ( Aurora, NY)

Dear John and the members of Atlas,

Thank you so much for making our wedding reception an absolute BLAST! You guys (and girl) rocked the house! The compliments keep rolling in from all of our guests on how fabulous you were. We could not have asked for anything better. It was such a great party and everyone was dancing with made us so happy!!

Thanks so much for everything and we hope to see you guys perform again soon.

Tim and Molly (Buffalo, NY)

Hey John,

We just got back from the honeymoon and I will definitely check out the pictures tonight.  Thanks for those.

I also wanted to thank you and the rest of the band for a great night.  You guy were absolutely terrific! Ashley and I couldn’t have been happier with the music.  We heard from a lot of people after the wedding and it was agreed across the board that you guys did an outstanding job.  People were recovering days later as they were still sore from all of the dancing. 

Best of luck to you and the rest of the band in the future and hopefully this won’t be the last time we will be dancing to your music.

-Jeff and Ashley Hole ( NY, NY)

Dear John,

Outstanding! I can't thank you enough for the fantastic job Atlas did for our Invitational Dinner Dance. From the opening song the dance floor was packed and full of energy right to the end of the party. Atlas remains on top of my recommendation list as a best bet for party bands.
I look forward to you rockin' the house for Mixed Greens in 2009!

Thanks Again.

Dick Naumann
General Manager
Locust Hill Country Club
Rochester, NY

Hi John,

Hannah and I wanted to take an opportunity to sincerely thank you and the band for your unbelievable performance at our wedding. Without question, the most compliments about the evening have been about the band. You guys made our night so extraordinarily special, and we cannot put into words how tremendous your contribution was. The band's rendition of "I Will" was everything we could have asked for, and your sets throughout the night  provided the perfect combination of supercharged excitement and sweet romance.

Thank you again for your incredible effort. It will not be forgotten.

All our best for you and the band this new year.

Mike and Hannah Civille (December 20, 2008 – Cornell University)

Exerpt from the blog of Frank DiMeo.
New York Photographer

Mr. DiMeo’s work has been featured on the cover of Time Magazine, in Newsweek, USA Today, The NY Times, PDN, and many other well-known publications.

I’m exhausted and traveling as I type this, but I wanted to write it while the memories are still fresh. I think the main reason I am so wiped out is because of the band ATLAS. Wow! These guys have it going on, big time! They blew the socks off everyone there! If you are ever fortunate enough to see them and you aren’t grooving, then you may not be breathing either. Seriously folks, these guys are the best I have ever heard! They no doubt take over the top spot as my number one recommendation. They are an interactive band coming off stage to sing and play in the audience. Steve’s Dad and brother even sat in with the horn section! Believe me, the next time I see Atlas cannot come soon enough.

Hey John,

Just wanted to thank you guys for an AMAZING day yesterday at my Wedding. Everyone had a wonderful time and loved the music! You really can get a group of people on the dance floor! Despite my nerves, everything was perfect!

Look forward to coming to see you again!

Kate Benfante
(Bride - July 5, 2008 - Locust Hill CC, Rochester, ny)

Hi George!

I wanted to thank you for making my wedding reception amazing! You guys are awesome and everyone had such an amazing time!!!! I hope I get to see you guys perform again some time soon. Maybe one day we'll settle down in the 'Cuse and I'll get to see you guys on a regular basis.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

All the best,

Laura Hickson
2020 Pennsylvania Ave NW #296
Washington, DC 2000


Randy and I just wanted to tell you how amazing the band was - you guys were GREAT both vocally and entertainment-wise, and we couldn't have wished for a better band. We've received a TON of compliments from our guests about how terrific you were, and I just wanted to pass that on.

If you ever need a glowing recommendation, feel free to use us!

Thanks again,
Rachel and Randy

Rachel Resnick
Director, Corporate Services
Three World Financial Center, 200 Vesey Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10281-1021
T 212-417-7218
Dear John, George, Eric, Ron, Peter, Jerry, Anthony, Aundre & Julianne,

Thank you for making my daughter’s wedding reception a great party; a night to remember!   A fun time was had by all.  You're phenomenal!  Awesome!  My guests continue to rave about your band.  The horns,  (I love the horns),  the singing; what more could I ask for?  Fantastic!  Not only is your band entertaining but you play the perfect hits for dancing; and did we ever dance the night away.  You are the Best.  I’m looking forward to having you again when my other girls are ready to tie the knot.

Carol DeAngelo
Rome, New York


I don't know where to start!  You guys made my wedding!  I have not stopped hearing about how wonderful the band was since we left The Lodge on Saturday night!  No one I have talked to, has ever seen so many people on the dance floor at a wedding!  And guess what, that is not because of anything we did!  You were amazing!  

As you could probably tell, I was having the time of my life dancing...and singing!  Heehee!  Thanks for making something that could have been a crisis (the ipod disaster!), no big deal.  

Thanks again!

Satera and Josh =-)
(Wedding in Skaneateles, NY)


WOW!!! What a night! Your performance, personality and talent are beyond wonderful. Thank you for making the party so much of a super party! Had a terrific time and enjoyed all of your performance -- every minute of it. Sore back, sore feet -- nothing mattered -- just the music and the fun.

Gail Narciso (Mother of the groom)


I must, once again, relay to you how many compliments I continue to get about you guys. The energy you injected into our already electric night was unbelievable. You blew everyone away and absolutely exceeded everyone's expectations. Even mine, and I KNEW how good you guys would be. You didn't stop until everyone on that floor was completely and utterly exhausted!! Thanks again for helping to make our night so special.

Steve Post


Just getting back from my Honeymoon and I wanted to thank you guys for an absolutely awesome time.  Everyone was (of course) raving about you guys after the Wedding.  I thought the room looked great, the food was excellent, and you guys really pushed the party "to the next level"!

I'll be sure to say hi to you at the next Atlas show that I attend (which will be soon).
Thanks again, and please tell George I said thanks too!

Stephen G. Etoll - Syracuse, NY

Dear John,

This is a very belated thank you for playing at our wedding last September at the Hotel Syracuse. You guys (and girl) did an amazing job and I still receive compliments to this day about you. I’ve also referred a bunch of people to you since.

I Hope to you play when we’re in ‘Cuse,

Lou & Leigh Smith

Dear John & "Crew,"

WOW!!!! You guys were just awesome. Everyone has just raved about you all. You far exceeded our expectations for that evening. People truly have just gone on and on about the music, your talent, and the way you engaged the crowd. So… our many many thanks. Expect more and more business because I have the feeling people from our wedding will be calling.... (not that you need it, but in any case). You guys are the best, we had an absolute blast.

Our warmest regards,
Meghan & Dan Sweeney
Baltimore, MD

Dear Atlas,

Thank you so much for such an outstanding job at our wedding reception! You brought the house down! Everyone had a great time and loved your sound! We wish the whole day didn’t go by so fast. We didn’t want your performance to end! We also really appreciated your effort and cooperation to insure everything went smoothly. Also, thanks for singing our guestbook!


Jenelle and Bryan Piper
31 Crystal Commons Drive
Rochester, NY 14624


I just wanted to thank you for an amazing party on Sunday.  You guys did great at our wedding.  We have been hearing so many compliments about you.  One of my friends getting married in November was so upset he had not heard you before he signed the contract with his wedding band.

Anyway, Thank you so much for being the great band that we knew you were.  You came through in your promise to make it a great evening and for that I thank you.

Good luck to you, I look forward to crossing paths again.


Dave Clar and Rachel (Rosen) Clar
Rochester, NY

Dear Atlas,

We wanted to thank you for a wonderful night of entertainment. Our reception would not have been the same without your live music. we now realize how importatnt good music is at a wedding (it can make or break the reception and you definitely made it.) Your really can get anyone on the dance floor.

We would highly recommend you to anyone and we look forward to seeing Atlas in the future!


The Benfantes & the Dusos

Atlas always puts on a great show. They are the premiere band in the area. We know that if Atlas is in the house it will be a fun party! When my daughter started looking into bands for her wedding I told her to go see Atlas, and you won't have to look any farther.

Rich Reagan
General Manager
Bellevue Country Club
Syracuse, NY

Dear Atlas,

Thank you for making our wedding reception a night to remember. You guys were absolutely great! Our friends are still raving about the band. We are looking forward to working with you in the future.


Jim & Julie Boeheim
Syracuse, NY
(Coach of the Syracuse University Men's Basketball Team)

The 2004 Brockport Jr./Sr. Prom hired Atlas to provide a live band experience to add to the usual DJ that was traditionally hired. After an hour with the DJ, Atlas took the stage. As they began their set, the kids really warmed up to the big live sound of the best party band in New York State, Altas.

In many years of chaperoning dances with DJs, I had never seen the kids dance harder, smile more, and have the interaction with each other, and with the entertainment at the prom, than they did with Atlas providing the music. The defining moment was when John shouted out, "we need more dancers up here!" The next thing you knew there were kids on the floor and kids on the stage, dancing and laughing with the band. It was great.

We had a DJ and Atlas split the time with him, but overall having the band was a great experience for the kids at Brockport HS.

Phil Abel
Senior Advisor
Brockport High School

If it's the tightest, funkiest, hottest, fill-the-dance-floor, make-you-sweat band you're looking's Atlas. Atlas has reigned as the best band in Central New York for over two decades by keeping their show fresh and hot, every single time. Every CNY funky dance horn band continues to measure itself on standards set by Atlas.

CenterStage Events has had the pleasure of using the services of Atlas for several events, from major community festivals to corporate events, with stellar success every time. Atlas is the Muhammad Ali of CNY funky dance horn bands; many pretenders, no one better.

Jim Horsman
CenterStage Events
Syracuse, NY

Dear Atlas,

Thanks to you we had a magical week-end.... The only unpredictable thing was the weather.... We now have pictures on the Atlas website (Thanks to John) and great memories of the wedding.... John....The Stones Medley REALLY ROCKED!!.... You really totally outdid yourselves!

Thanks again,

Susan and Michael Kravitz - Cherry Hill, NJ - Wedding in Ithaca, NY

Dear Atlas,

Thank you for your excellent services at our wedding reception on May 29, 2004. Everyone had a great time, and they loved Atlas! In fact, several of our guests have seen your band play elsewhere, and spoke very highly of you. We received more compliments on your performance than we did on our marriage!! Your performance made our wedding reception a success and an enjoyable event for all!

John & Nicole Magats
Pittsford, NY

The Atlas Band has drawn thousands to the City of Rochester's summer concert series for several years. We can always count on Atlas to get folks up and dancing. It continues to be a pleasure to work with the band.

Margaret Reichert
Special Events Coordinator
City of Rochester, NY

Dear John:

What else can I say? Atlas made our daughter's wedding an incredible success. You guys were really "on" that night. ( at Shenandoah - Turning Stone Casino) Our guests from Boston and Philadelphia were extremely impressed by your talent, professionalism, and most importantly, your enthusiasm. That type of feeling in your music does not go unnoticed, as evidenced by the fact that hardly anyone in the crowd was sitting while you were playing. As the father of the bride, my only wish was for everyone in attendance to truly enjoy themselves, and the post wedding comments just blew me away. You were more than worth the money spent. I only wish we could do it again. Actually, we will, as I have one more daughter, but she is a few years away. Anyway, thanks again, John, and here's hoping you, George, Ricky, et al, keep rocking for many years to come.

Paul Quattrone
Syracuse, NY

Dear John,

We would like you to know what a great part that you and your "world class" band played in our perfect wedding celebration last week. From our original contact with you last summer until the last note of your terrific performance, it has been a joy and pleasure to be associated with Atlas. All of our guests, young and old had the best time. You had everyone involved, nobody wanted you to stop. Thanks again, Atlas was the icing on the cake.

Best Regards,
Lisa and Casey Powell
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Atlas,

Aliscia and I would like to thank you for making our wedding a smashing success. People are still raving about you guys. People who weren't there are commenting on what they had hear from friends in attendance. We plan on making your News Year show this year at the Turning Stone Casino.

Thanks again for such a rockin' show!

Israel & Alicia Gaucher
Vestal, NY
(August 28, 2004)

Dear Atlas,

I can't begin to tell you how much we enjoyed your entertainment on our wedding day. You guys were the life of the party. Our guests are still talking about how much fun they had and couldn't believe how exceptional you guys were. That dance floor was packed all night. It was exactly what we were looking for and more. You guys are awesome and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon!!!

Mike and Jill Cerio
Syracuse, NY

Hi John,

You guys did a great job at our wedding last Friday.  Thank you so much! We couldn't be happier!  See you soon. Take care.

Maria and Nick (Ponzi/Conaway)- Oswego, NY


Thanks for making our reception so wonderful and memorable. our attendees are still raving about you! you put a furst class touch to the final chapter of our special night.


Ron & Jakie Novack
Honolulu, HI


I just wanted to thank you for the great wedding music.  Thom, our families, friends, and me had such a great time!!  You made our special day even more wonderful.

If you ever need a recommendation, please feel free to contact me!!

Andrea (Pulver) Frickman

"Atlas- the nine piece band that bares the name of the mythological Greek god- might not be carrying the weight of the world on it's shoulders, but in New York pop music circles, this long-running unit has nonetheless attained the stature of titans."

Larry Hoyt
Staff Writer
Syracuse Newtimes


Just a quick note to let the gang know, that after 20 years of the Level Regatta....Atlas Band was one of the best bands ever. Everyone of you did an outstanding job, your unique personalities shine through the efforts of the band. The stage dancing got me on the dance floor, and the EW&F / KC covers kept me there all night. Nice encore, you left us wanting more! A quick survey from the crews next day was unanimous, 21-55 years olds gave you guys 2 thumbs up. Too bad you don't do Canadian venues, there is a lot of us that would enjoy another night like Saturday!

Hope your back next year!! Keep groov'en.

The Crews from:Heatwave
Rock&Roll Forever

"I have followed Atlas for so many years, that I consider myself a groupie. There is no better band in the state of New York."

John DeFrancisco
New York State Senator
Syracuse, NY

The Jenna Foundation for Nonviolence in Syracuse is a small but growing nonprofit agency that depends on one major fundraiser for a large part of the funding that sustains us throughout the year. It is of the utmost importance that this annual event, Jenna's Sweet Charity Ball, be a success, but even more important to us that it create an atmosphere that is reminiscent of Jenna's filled with laughter and fun, good times and great music. Atlas has created this atmosphere every year that we have held this event and is always a major attraction. Each year, as the number of our supporters grow, we can credit at least some of those new faces to the attraction of Atlas for bringing these new friends in the door. Their style of dance music, combined with their energy and obvious love of entertaining makes our event everything we envision each year and everything that Jenna would have loved in a great party!

Janice Grieshaber
Executive Director
The Jenna Foundation for Nonviolence
The University Building Suite 200
120 E. Washington Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

Hi John!

How are you guys doing? I wanted to let you know that I have had about a dozen additional requests for your phone number! Two today alone! People are still talking about the "great band at the Gala." Thanks again for an awesome job. Sisters Hospital Foundation LOVES ATLAS. I should have a date for next year's black-tie gala by the end of this week so stand by! Talk to you soon.

Anne Snyder
Development Officer
Sisters Hospital Foundation
2130 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14214

City Newspaper

APRIL 26, 2006
2000 and one: a band odyssey
The brassy funksters in Atlas still count


Get down! Atlas is a funkified party with nine pieces. But who's counting? The band's been rockin' central and western New York for 25 years. But who's counting? Friday, April 7, the horn-driven powerhouses played Montage to an enthusiastically crowded dance floor. It was the band's 2000th show. That's right, their 2000th show. But who's counting?

John Kowalczyk has been fronting and playing trumpet in Atlas since its inception in 1981 at Syracuse University. And he's been counting.

"I approximated," he admits. "I figure it's 2000 plus or minus 15 or 20."

Where a lot of bands barely last a year before imploding thanks to a cocktail of booze, drugs, girlfriends, and egos, Atlas remains. Granted it's had approximately 60 to 70 players in and out of its ranks over the years. But again, who's counting?

When Atlas was born, the brassy, ballsy blast the band gave off on stage was blasting out of radios as well.

"Back then there was still a lotta funky stuff in the Top 40," Kowalczyk says. "It was post-disco, but there was still a lotta funky stuff. Earth, Wind, and Fire was huge."

The band was originally known as The Atlas Linen Company because, well, that's what it said on the side of their truck. Naming a band is cheaper than re-painting a truck.

"The keyboard player worked at The Atlas Linen Company, an industrial laundry place," Kowalczyk says. "The first truck we had actually had the ALC logo on it. So we took over the name." The band played SU parties, graduating to the club gigs, weddings, and corporate events they still do today.

The majority of Atlas' live output is horn-centric covers. This wasn't always the case.

"We were doing a lot of originals in the beginning," he says. "But it was kind of a struggle to get our own sound back then. People were dancing and partying to the stuff they knew a lot better. So we kinda veered towards that."

Atlas still peppers in a few slick originals in its live sets. Regardless, the band's energy and charm is undeniable. The whiplash-inducing grooves are played by a band that comes off casual and cool while the folks dancing mere feet away are bathed in sweat. Perhaps 2000 stabs at it helps.

"We like keeping it a little loose," he says.

Atlas flies anywhere for corporate gigs and tears up the road on what Kowalczyk calls "The New York State Thruway Tour." This circuit routinely takes them to the city lights of Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Ithaca, Watertown, and Geneva and oughta keep 'em busy for at least another 2000 gigs.

Kowalczyk laughs loudly.

"Maybe 1500," he says.

Catch Atlas on their 2000 and somethingth gig Friday, May 5, at Montage, 50 Chestnut Street, 232-1520, at 9:30 p.m. $5. 21+.

To be continued............

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